Team Zincton

The Zincton Project is a collection of talented local Kootenay residents and professionals dedicated to designing and building ultra-low-impact, Climate Neutral backcountry ecotourism in Goat Pass.


David Harley is heading up the Zincton Project. He has been backcountry skiing in the North Slocan since the mid 1970s, and living in New Denver full time for over 20 years. Connect with David



David Harley - Founder

Kelley and I have been on a lifelong quest to figure out how to best raise our family in the mountains, while creating opportunities for partners and the next generations to come.  We love the Slocan and Goat Pass. 


Keith Liggett - Words

I’ve lived a life in the mountains. As a climbing guide, a ski instructor, a search and rescue leader, my days have been defined by the surrounding peaks. And those peaks created words and sentences following the experiences.


Jean-Marc La Flamme - Project Lead

25 year technology professional, digitally transforming government, industries, startups, non-profits and rural communities using Canadian tech. Growing up in the big city, living in the Swiss Alps, and for a decade in the Kootenays. Skier for life! Now building regenerative and resilient smart communities, with integrated life support systems of food, water, energy, education, economic, transportation and waste-to-resource management. 


Brent Harley and Associates Inc. (BHA)
International all-season mountain resort planners and designers.

With each project we aim to create a unique recreation experience, embodying environmentally sensitive design, integrated and in balance with the landscape and surrounding communities, and respecting each site’s limits to growth.

BHA is excited to be working to make the vision for Zincton a reality.

Brent Harley - Chief Designer

Over the past 40 years I have been involved in the design and development of mountain resorts around the world. Zincton will be an exciting game changer, a new and cutting edge offering that will cater to a rapidly developing, adventure oriented, environmentally aware, skier marketplace, wanting to escape to the mountains.


Matt Bakker - Wilderness Planning


Kyle Vash - GIS Specialist


Looking for a diverse team with you! Stay tuned.