Latest News

These are some of the most recent news articles about the Zincton project...

A recent Op-Ed published in the Nelson Daily News on how Zincton pffers far more than skiing.

A good overview of Zincton in the Western Investor

An very complete overview from Castanet (Kelowna) with a video link

Another overview on the Forma Proposal announcement by the Nelson Daily News

From Powder Canada, a link to the 7-minute video narrated by David Harley on the proposal

A quick piece in Gripped written early, at the end of the EOI stage when Zincton was invited to submit a Formal Proposal to the Mountain Resorts Board.

A thoughtful piece in The Narwhal that brings out both the intent of David Harley, Zincton’s proponenet, and some of the issues of the opposition.