Formal Proposal

The Formal Proposal is the intermediate step between an Expression of Interest (EOI) and the Master Plan. In the Formal Proposal, the proponent takes the comments and suggestions from the EOI and presents the proposal in a more complete and comprehensive manner. It is divided into three parts - the Executive Summary, the Formal Proposal, and the Environmental Assessment. You can download the whole document or just the part you are interested in.

2023: Formal Proposal What We've Heard

Zincton Full Formal Proposal

Zincton Executive Summary

Cascade (CERG) Standalone Environmental Overview and Maps


This video gives a brief overview of the project.

Formal Proposal Video

Zincton Open House Videos

The presentation of the Formal Proposal by the Mountain Resorts Branch and Zincton lays out the plan in detail. Each group sets forth the parameters of the project.

1. Mountain Resorts BranchAn explanation of the granting of a tenure and the steps to be taken.

2. David HarleyThe proponent explains the origin of the project.

3. Brent HarleyBrent Harley and Associates are the planners and the lead in moving the project through MRB. BHA have designed and executed ski area projects around the world for over 30 years.

4. Environmental OverviewThe founder of Cascade Environmental Resources, Dave Williamson leads the environmental assessment of the tenure lands.

5. Questions and AnswersThe questions generally fall into broad categories. These are some of the questions received and answers to those questions.